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Student Assignments

Pervasive Systems group has a wide range of interesting and challenging assignments available for bachelor and master graduation projects. If you have your own proposal for a project that fits Pervasive Systems, do not hesitate to contact us.

Available Assignments

Biodiversity in and around urban areas are under great pressure through growing urbanization and transport infrastructures. How body area networks and smart wearables help monitor animals and analyze their interaction.
Contact: Nirvana Meratnia
How can wireless senor networks help reduce energy consumption at buildings and public spaces? How can smart grids help better utilize and distribute the energy?
Contact: Nirvana Meratnia
How to ensure that we will be able to live comfortably in a clean environment? How can we address climate changes, and evaluate the effects on the Great Barrier Reef or the Waddenzee?
Contact: Nirvana Meratnia
How can body area networks and smart wearables help elderly people stay safely and happily at home longer? How can body area networks and smart wearables improve the rehabilitation process of COPD patients? How to motivate these patients to do sports even though they do not dare.
Contact: Paul Havinga
How can wireless sensor networks prevent collapse of tunnels, bridges, and metro stations?
Contact: Nirvana Meratnia
Intelligent transport
How can wireless sensor networking help to optimize the traffic flow and prevent traffic accidents and congestions?
Contact: Hans Scholten
How can we use mobile phones to accurately tell where the most crowded areas are? how to identify which direction people go to?
Contact: Paul Havinga
How can body area networks and smart wearables ensure that people are safe at their work? How to encourage workers to follow safety regulations at work?
Contact: Nirvana Meratnia
Smart cities
Smart phones have the potential to become the one and only operational large-scale wireless sensor network. How can phones make cities safer, cleaner to live?
Contact: Hans Scholten
Smart implant
What technologies are needed to enable in-body communication to better monitor physiological condition of people? How can wireless sensor networks help to realize in-body monitoring?
Contact: Nirvana Meratnia
Social networks
How can we use Facebook and Tweeter message to find trends? How to identify abnormal events from these messages? How can these messages be used to improve quality of life?
Contact: Hans Scholten
How can body area networks and smart wearables improve the performance of athletes? How to monitor the performance and correctness of exercises of athletes remotely using these technologies?
Contact: Paul Havinga
Train and rails
How can wireless sensor networks prevent train accidents? How to monitor rail safety? How to optimize maintenance operation?
Contact: Paul Havinga
How can wireless senor networks prevent disasters like the BP oil spill? How to monitor the underwater environment? How to secure harbours?
Contact: Nirvana Meratnia